Thursday, April 17, 2014


Crisis Center of South Suburbia - Tinley Park, Illinois
April 16, 2014 at 10:49am
                            (Pledges updated:  4/17/2014 @ 9:12 PM)

The Crisis Center of South Suburbia is located in a suburb of Chicago.  They provide emergency shelter and other essential services for individuals and families victimized by domestic violence, while addressing the societal issues that contribute to domestic violence. The shelter has helped 44,000 lives in the last 30 years.

For the Crisis Center we will need the following slippers and washcloths: 

50 women's   -   Still need 24

12 teen girls   -  Still need 6

  5 girls booties   -  DONE!

  5 boys booties   -   DONE!

  6 toddler girls   -   DONE!

  6 toddler boys   -   DONE!

  6 youth girls   -   DONE!

  6 youth boys   -  Still need 3

  6 preteen girls   -  DONE!

  6 preteen boys   -  DONE!

 75 washcloths   -   DONE!

Mailing Deadline:     May 12, 2014
Mail to:  

     Kerri Twietmeyer
     Donation Coordinator
     Crisis Center of South Suburbia
     P.O. Box 39
     Tinley Park, IL    60477

Pledges received by:

Linda Darby Adams  -  5 boys booties, 5 girls booties
Dawn Baylor Kaufman  -  20 washcloths
Judie Cross  -  20 washcloths
Anita Silcox Cook  -  6 youth girls, 6 washcloths
Nicole Christolear Fink  -  2 teen girls, 10 washcloths
Annette Van Bogaert  -  5 washcloths
Jill Miller  -  5 washcloths
Jan M. Oswald  - 5 women's, 5 washcloths
Heather Stewart Edmondson  -  15 women's
Beverly Richards  -  6 toddler girls, 6 toddler boys, 4 washcloths
Kate Sheen  -  6 preteen girls, 6 preteen boys, 5 women's
Linda Westby  -  4 teen girls, 3 youth boys
Arruniel McGonder  -  1 women's

Our Challenges are posted on our Facebook page and that is where we receive most of our pledges. If you would like to make a pledge here on the Blog, please put your pledge in a comment box - number of slippers and/or washcloths and categories (women's, teen boys, teen girls, etc.) and we will receive it. The number of slippers/washcloths still needed will be updated here as often as possible during the Challenge.

Our Facebook page is visible to the public without being a member of Facebook; however, you cannot post pledges there unless you have a Facebook account.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

What is The Pink Slipper Project?

The Pink Slipper Project is an endeavor to warm the hearts and toes of women and children living in shelters for victims of domestic violence.  Not only will a pair of handmade slippers help keep them warm, but remind them that they are not alone and that someone cared enough to make something special just for them.  A simple kindness goes a long way in the healing process.

Since The Pink Slipper Project was founded in 2009 by Joyce Lucas,  thousands of pair of slippers have been donated to shelters around the country.  The Pink Slipper Project unites women all over the world for the good of other women and children.  The common thread is they all want to help make someone’s life a little better.

Please help us as we make a difference in the lives of a few of these women and children. The slippers can be knit, crocheted or sewn and they don’t need to be pink.  They do need to be handmade and warm.  If you would like more information about The Pink Slipper Project, please visit us on Facebook at

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Child Safety

When donating items such as slippers, toys, a shelter, one of our concerns is the safety of children.

In the interest of child safety, please do not attach small items that can possibly be removed and become a potential choking hazard to items made for children under the age of 12. This includes, but is not limited to: buttons, bows, charms of any kind, zipper pulls, or metal jewelry or decorations.  Please make sure that any sort of decoration which is sewn onto an item you donate is securely sewn or otherwise attached.  This includes, but is not limited to, iron-on decorations of any sort.

Due to new and stringent rules from the CPSIA, we must be sure that all supplies used to make slippers for children under 12 fall within their guidelines.

Thank you for helping  keep children safe.